Targeted opt in direct email marketing is a truly popular area online today, and the question begs to be asked, what’s in it for me? With targeted opt in direct email, it is everything the phrase indicates – it is targeted, in the sense that emails are only sent to individuals that have expressed an interest in the particular subject matter, for example, a niche marketing topic.

Targeted direct opt in direct email marketing is also opt in, meaning that only individuals who have opted in, or chosen to be on your list, are on the direct email list, and it is direct in the sense that it goes to the individual directly, and there is a direct opportunity to make a sale with every email sent?

But the question still is, what is in it for me? Some experts tell us that we can earn between 50 cents and $1 for each subscriber that is on our list, on a monthly basis. Some of us make much more than that, so that number must just be an average or estimate of some sort.

But the bottom line is, if you are patient in setting up your email campaign and building your list, target opt in direct email marketing can be very effective at boosting your internet income.

So how do you do it?

1) Set up a squeeze page with opt in script for your autoresponder

2) Send traffic to your squeeze page. I highly recommend incorporating an article writing component to your web traffic strategy.

3) Create an email campaign that sends a mix of content, free gifts, and sales messages to your targeted opt in direct email list.

Source by Sean Mize