I believe that it does. There are a lot of MLM companies on the go that make all sorts of claims and promises that somehow just don’t add up for some people. I can tell you that I personally have enough experiences in this industry to know that not all companies fit every person out there. Well…I am happy to say that I have found a company that looks to be a good fit for just about anybody. Too many times you hear nightmare stories about people with a garage or basement full of product that they “got stuck with”. I was looking for a company where one wouldn’t have to buy any product. I found one. I was looking for a company that offered a great support team. I found that too. I was looking for a company that was financially secure with a good solid background and a generous compensation plan. Guess what? I found one.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing aka FHTM, founded by multi-millionaire Paul Orberson is to me, the best business opportunity that I have ever come across. This Company has a great business system that is based on teamwork. No one gets left behind with this Company – unless of course they want to. Like any other company, you have to apply yourself to get your business growing. Is there a fee to sign up? Of course there is. It wouldn’t be worth anything if there wasn’t. Let me tell you though, it significantly less than the $47,000.00 it cost me to open up my retail and services business.

Before becoming involved with any multi-level marketing company or any other business opportunity for that matter, I always want to know who is behind the company and how well it is currently doing. What I learned was that the man behind Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is none other than Paul Orberson a.k.a. the “Million-Dollar-A-Month” man. He founded Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing in 2001 with a highly innovative business and compensation plan. After reading an 11 page article in Millionaire Blueprint Magazine which was all about Paul Orberson and FHTM, it was clear to me that this man was sincere in his efforts to help people achieve their own financial freedom through joining Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. As for the financial security of FHTM, Dunn & Bradstreet gave Fortune a 3A1 rating. In addition, because of this Company’s highly motivated and creative sales force, it is sought out by companies all over the world wanting to partner up. Does it get any better than that?

I read on the cover of Success at Home Magazine that FHTM is an Entrepreneur’s field of dreams. I believe that it is. It has a solid background, is debt free, provides excellent support and resources and has a compensation plan that has no equal. Some would say that opportunities like this are too good to be true and should be passed over. However, in saying that, would you rather get involved with a company that isn’t?


Gail L. Stamp [http://www.greatopp.ca]
Source by Gail Stamp