Don’t we all! There is so much technology just passing us by as we drag ourselves to work each day. There has to be a way to utilize it, right? New phones are coming out, everyone is buying, downloading, and using anything they see online including apps, items, wallpapers, ringtones, even jokes! Maybe you’re no longer happy going in each day to do a job you dread, a job that bores you, all the while still doing it and not even being appreciated for it! There are no rewards other than your pay check, and even that can be depressing at times to see.

No, it’s time to start making money on your own terms, doing what you actually enjoy, and by taking advantage of this new era of technology. All you need is a bit of skill, and no matter how little of it you may see, everyone does have a skill. If you have to dig deep to find it, or even review what others are good at to see if you are able to compare, it will pay off in the long run. You’ll know more about yourself that you can be proud of, and you’ll make money while doing it. The internet is leaving major door ways open for designers, writers, accountants, freelancers, even your average thinkers who want to make money! Finding new and innovative ways to do things can be your escape out of your regular day job and into your new stress reduced life.

While you are using all of this high tech equipment, take a second to think about who makes or creates something like that. Think about what makes them so different from you. It is rare that a developer is the same as the designer, and that is because everyone needs to hire someone else to help them at one point or another. Once you’ve found your talent, start scoping these kinds of people out. For example, the same people who design an application on your cell phone are going to need to hire someone to design the application on your cell phone. These are also the same people who are going to need to hire someone to spread the news about this new application. These are also the same people who are going to need to test the new application. This has already created three outsourced jobs just for one tiny application! Someone who does not know how to create or code an application may still know how to design. This has nothing to do with applications, but they will still serve a purpose and therefore receive a profit. Though this may not be the case for every thing, it is a good example in that it is much the same way the internet works.

The first step is to put yourself out there. Join communities or forums; see what people need help with. You may not have it all figured out, but you can learn more about anything you need just like with anything else. The truth about succeeding on your own terms will lie in your own motivation to do so. If you are ready to devote your time into a new stress reduced life, you have to start somewhere. Making money on your own terms may turn into a little job of its own, but once you have found the right niche for yourself, and the right strain of clients for your skill, you will be making money on your own terms in no time, and the thought of an hourly paid job will be pushed the farthest back in your mind.

Source by Jim Parker L