Forex Ace is a Mechanical Forex Trading System. A lot of people including Forex Experts have started giving positive reviews about these system.

But the question is – Is this forex trading system it a scam? Is it right for you?

To find that, Lets evaluate this forex trading system on few parameters –

1. The ease to understand and Use – We should look into how easy is Forex Ace to understand and How easy is it in terms of using it? If a forex trading system is using complicated language and a complicated set up, the user may not be able to implement it.

2. Any limitations – What are the limitations? Does Forex Ace work in all time frames? Does it work for all currency pairs?

3. Any additional requirements – Does this system requires any additional resources such as a proprietary indicator, or any particular software etc.

When we consider the above points I find that Mechanical Trading systems are very easy to understand. ForexAce, since being a mechanical trading system is straightforward to understand and use. Though it can be used even by the beginners, I would still recommend you to have some basic knowledge in Forex Trading.

In terms of requirements for this system, well, there are none. Forex Ace doesn’t require any additional software. However, the process of placing the trades in a mechanical system can be automated using a software. To automate trading in this system, Metatrader can be used. Though using a software is not necessary.

Also, this system can be used in all timeframes. It doesn’t depend on any particular trading session.

In terms of price, I feel the price is just about what all the systems typically charge. In fact this system is may be a touch cheaper. Also, the package comes with 8 week money back guarantee.

So, here was my Forex Ace review. In all, the system looks to be fine so far.

Source by Rahul G