Science Fiction is generally a projection of current technology trends into the future. For instance take the Star Wars Holographic Video Phone? Do you know that there are now cell phones that are a little bit smaller than a brick which can project an image video onto a wall using a 3G wireless phone? Very cool and we know with Moore’s Law that indeed these will get smaller and better and soon will probably be the size of a Nano iPod.

Think of the benefits and uses for a technology of this kind; you could Record Yourself for Future Great Grandchildren and they could take this with them or save the data in their wrist watch so incase they had a question, your hologram would pop up with some gentlemanly words of wisdom to assist them in making the right decision.

Of course on the business front is where this technology will really take off. Think about Virtual Sales Presentations or Corporate Meetings Without Travel. This will save time and money and for sales it will surely be a lot more convincing than a “cold call” and that is surely a good thing.

What about for government or politics – can Holographic Projection be used for communication with our friends and allies too? Sure, how about; State Department VR Holographic Diplomacy or a US Presidential Visit – Holographic Style. Wouldn’t that be something else? That would surely help us keep in tough even with the busy schedules.

If you are into extreme sports well you might be in luck as you could video tape your adventures and then make money by Selling Your Experiences Online in Holograms. You would be getting paid to do what you already love to do? Where do you want your Hologram to go today?

Source by Lance Winslow