How many music-lovers do you think still own a cassette or record player? Probably none in 2014. Let’s say in this example that you are a music lover that does. Stay with me on this, okay; vital information for anyone who has an online business or who is interested in starting one. Now, in order to listen to your music you would obviously need cassettes or records, correct? Let’s just say that a cassette is $10 and a record is $20. At this point you may be asking yourself: “What on earth is this guy talking about? No one even uses cassette or record players anymore!” That’s my point exactly!

Now, how many marketers (Affiliate, Network, etc.) do you think still use over-priced email marketing providers in conjunction with their business? In this example, similar to the previous one, let’s say that you fall into this category of marketers. However, that’s not completely your fault because you most likely don’t know of any other options. Still with me? Okay, good. Let’s keep it moving. When I say over-priced email marketing, I mean email marketing providers that limit you to how you can promote your business but charge you as if it’s the latest and greatest. So what actions should you take to overcome this? You can start by using a complete, all-in-one marketing platform. A platform that gives so much more for so much less! I stated earlier that it’s not completely your fault if you’re still using over-priced email marketing providers in conjunction with your business. However, now that you’ve been informed, and if you still choose to continue to overpay and receive less, well, that’s all on you. The obvious question here would be, why?

In closing, I would like to share with you some information that led me to write this article. There are email marketing providers that I’ve come across that offer about 500 subscribers for around $20 each month. Keep in mind that as your email subscribers increase, so does the amount of money you have to pay to keep them. Now, please allow me to ask a few very interesting questions: If you choose to pay $20 each month for 500 email subscribers, how much would you expect to pay for an unlimited amount of email subscribers? Are your autoresponder campaigns fully customizeable? Does your email marketing provider allow you the freedom to create unlimited combinations of funnels and landing pages? Get the answers and more than you would ever expect by mentioning this article when you contact me by email.

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Source by Lorenzo Walter