There has been an auto responder program that has been serving many for the past ten years in their various business email marketing platforms. Prosender, being known as a Mike Filsaime product, is sure to carry cutting edge integrity and quality. For those who are not familiar with Mike Filsaime, he is the popular author of the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript which Prosender is a part of the software packages of Butterfly Marketing.

All around the globe, a huge number of internet marketers are using Prosender having known for the impressive reputation and credibility it has established in the market. This auto responder software is packed with all the appropriate business email marketing tools which can help anyone gain full control over guest sign ups and then proceed to the limitless sending out of mails through emails and newsletters. One of the reasons why this auto responder has gained some immense demand to the market is because of its functionality and simplicity. With a deliverability rate of as much as 99.34%, your business email marketing platform with Prosender won’t have emails taken back to you as it allows you to get through a lot of those firewalls.

Prosender is also approved by agencies in compliance to spamming requirements with you email being officially legal. Business email marketing may be a bit irritating for many people, especially those who are included in your list and who serves as recipients of your daily mails, but with this auto responder, they are given the freedom to opt out. This feature keeps you from handling those unfriendly reports that people would give to you for sending unasked mails.

There is not an expert fully engaged with the World Wide Web tools that does not express a good opinion for the use of this auto responder intended for business email marketing. There have been studies that show why most people have to receive to around seven mails first before finally responding to your message. Hence, the need to send out a number of mails each day emerged for your own message to stand above the rest of the bulk. And of course, to send out seven mails is not at all easy for the average person since it can be seen as time-consuming and perceived as a task that could easily burn you out. Nevertheless, Prosender auto responder can do this all for you.

Prosender helps your business email marketing to be invariably around, reminding your clients of your openness and desire to have them be a part of your business. Remember that the highest purpose served by these auto responder programs is that it runs after your potential clients without you wasting time thinking on how to execute it and gives you more opportunity to plan on how you would grow your business in many other ways.

Prosender allows space for every user to personalize their business email marketing platform with this auto responder’s fifty-one templates that one can choose from to customize every content sent out. It has a plug-in feature that helps the user to create opt-in forms that gives people a choice to opt-in to your mail list. With Prosender, you need not have HTML knowledge, when you can just point and click and follow directions systematically for you to come up with your own pop-ups and other standard forms. What is more amazing about the pop ups of this is that it cannot be easily blocked and hence your email address will not have that beatable appeal.

There are many ways towards personalizing and customizing your emails to your own preferred choice. You can tack together newsletter messages with additional features such as open rate tracking, attachments, RSS, split testing, and name personalization, all for free of charge. This auto responder software has an integral HTML editor that makes you just point and click and at one instant lets you have the extra effects you want to be included in the body of your mail. You can also choose a kind of special subscription form that you think would suit best your various customer base categories. For example, there are some subscribers who are not so fond of the pop up features whenever they receive mail. In the main content of your mail, you can easily personalize each message by including different styles of greetings and even avail of their ebooks or helpful pdf attachments, which are offered through a limited time only. Not all auto responder programs offer the same.

Do you want your mail to have easy, convenient payment system included? This auto responder can be incorporated with PayPal and other popular payment operations. With this, your subscribers can start doing transactions right within the mail. Another major benefit of Prosender is its impressive control panel, which allows its users to add subscribers easily with twenty-five various fields, which you can use to help define each subscriber. Prosender even allows you to export your list if you want to use it for other applications.

A notification will be given to you for every new subscriber that comes in. This auto responder has this ability to identify details like the IP and website address where the subscriber came from. In an automatic mode, you can also capture geographic data like Latitude, Longitude, Area Code, DMA Code, Postal Code, City, Country, State, etc. It can also prevent you from sending out to the prospects that you not likely to market to.

You need not be troubled too about tracking the results of your business email marketing platform using this auto responder program when you can view the reports through email or real time online. Better news is that you can even know the results on a per click basis for a certain campaign. You can have these reports exported directly in Excel sheets.

Unlimited, is the best word that can greatly describe Prosender. With this auto responder, everything is unlimited! From unlimited number of mails, unlimited campaigns, and follow up messages – everything is unlimited with this generous software!

Charts, statistics, and graphs can also be accessed with Prosender to help you have a view and be able to clearly monitor the activity of your business email marketing, whether on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This feature can help you track mails which are undelivered and those which went through successfully. You will also be able to detect which subscribers are compensating and in what specific country, state, city or location these wonderful subscribers are from.

With a dependable customer support team, which is available to serve you and attend to your needs and inquiries 24/7 through phone and chat, Prosender is available for a one-month subscription rate of $19.95, three months for $54.85 and a year for only $179.40. Prosender also comes with free videos and a self-help manual to guide through the process of business email marketing. And just in case your computer crashes dead, you need not worry about losing everything for you will never lose that mailing list if your auto responder program is Prosender.

The Prosender Autoresponder program is offered with unfeigned money back guarantee if they fail in helping you build up that list of subscribers and convince site visitors, you are sure to receive your refund, with no questions asked.

Source by Timothy Whobrey