Is Adnan Rammaha’s Brokering IT system for real? Yes, I believe it is. I have read this eBook and it makes perfect sense to me.

What you’re doing is using the website. This is a website where business owners go to effectively outsource internet technology (IT) jobs. There are literally hundreds of these jobs, such as data entry and forum postings anyone can do, and Rammaha’s system takes that into account. Part of his system is to take advantage of these simple jobs to start making some extra money right away.

You need to fill out your profile at in the right way. Rammaha’s tutorial explains exactly how to do this. If you can do some of these internet technology projects yourself, such as writing articles, great because you can do this also. If you can do website design, for example, you could do this yourself if you want to.

But let’s say you can’t do website design, for example. With Rammaha’s method you can acquire the contract to do website design or hundreds of similar high tech internet technology (IT) jobs any way. You then outsource these jobs to someone who can do this professionally for much less than you receive. You win a contract to do website design for $200, for example. You then find someone who will do this job very professionally maybe from a country like India or Russia for $100.

You receive your money, the $200, upfront and then after the project is completed you pay your worker his or her $100 out of your profits. So you in effect have become a virtual internet technology (IT) providing company. You effectively have become an IT broker.

Now seeing you aren’t actually doing most of this work for yourself but, like the CEO of a corporation you are assigning the task to someone else who can, you can take on any number of these jobs at the same time.

As you go on you can make a larger and larger income. There is little expense to get started and the potential to make even a six figure income when you get good at it.

Source by Roger Bovee