Internet users often have more than one email account, increasing the opportunity to reach the specific customer for your business. Email marketing is a very successful marketing strategy. It is a method that increases product sales and also builds, maintains and enhances relationships with customers. If done well, the customer perceives the sender as a business interested in his needs, as an expert in the field, and the business with the solution to his problem.

10 Ideas to improve your Email Marketing

1. Build and Update the Email List

It is by far better to build your own email list from customers who already indicated interest in your product. The simplest way to do this is by having an opt-in subscription on your website. However, not everybody has the time or inclination. There are great companies out there from whom you can purchase a list specific to your target market.

2. Don’t Spam, be Human

Don’t spam your customer by bombarding him with emails that are of no interest to him. One way to portray humanity is by addressing the customer by his name. This can also have a negative effect; some customers won’t appreciate being addressed by their name by a business who doesn’t know them at all.

3. Use the Subject Line

Customers receive so many emails that are of no use to them. Use the subject line to your advantage. Grab the reader’s attention by being direct in the subject line.

4. Keep it Simple

Keep the message simple to the point. Give the reader enough details to keep his interest without him trying to figure out what the message is about. Make it easy for the reader and show him where and how to take action.

5. Be Creative not boring

Simplicity doesn’t mean boring. Be creative, keeping the interest of the reader from the beginning to the end. You know your product the best. Use that knowledge to creatively present the product in its best way to the potential customer.

6. Use Auto-responders effectively

Auto-responders are great tools to save time and to simplify your life. Use auto- responders for confirming orders, to follow-up on customers, and to send out a series of emails. However, don’t lose the humanity aspect; personalize the auto-responders.

7. Target the target market

Know who your customers are. Be specific and create a list that targets potential customers. There is nothing as frustrating than receiving emails from companies that you have no interest in whatsoever.

8. Use the Technology Available

There are so many tools available. Educate yourself on what tools are out there that will improve the quality of your marketing strategy. Research the different email marketing software, graphic programs, list-building companies, and templates available.

9. Brand the brand

Two main objectives of email marketing are to sell the product and to build long-term relationships with customers. Use the brand name or logo in key areas in the email, ensuring that customers will remember the brand name. The brand name should be visible in the beginning of the email and / or in the subject line.

10. Use Hyperlinks

Email marketing has many advantages to snail mail. One of the greatest advantages is the usage of hyperlinks. Add hyperlinks to your website, your most popular blog posts or free gifts that will benefit the customer. However, be wise in the usage of hyperlinks, keep it focused on the goal of the email.

Email marketing strategy is a cost-effective method that is available to everyone, including your competitors. Therefore be original, professional and follow-up.

Source by Alexander Mauritz