Last year or so saw the likes of worldwide survey company giant Toluna merging with Greenfield Online and Your2Cents, as well as the recent merger of MySurvey and Lightspeed Panel. With all the mergers of the actually decent-paying market research companies, one might be led to believe that there aren’t as many good ones left. But there are. In fact, there are a few top survey companies that still hold their own.

While the big payout claims aren’t all that realistic – like thinking you are going to snag a $150 paid study every day – the decent paying surveys that pay up to $7 or $8 for you time are still out there. The bulk of paid surveys from the good companies are still only going to pay $1.50-$4, but there are at least 5-10 top companies that give them out regularly.

Some help in determining which companies are paying the best can be found in the forums, blogs, and survey company information websites. The good survey list or database-type websites often have a top picks list that they change on a regular basis, depending on the way the survey company is performing. So, you don’t have to worry, even if the survey companies merge into only five altogether, the needs of the businesses hiring them still have to be met.

Aside from the top five or so survey companies that give out cash payments, you also still have the great product testing companies that both give away products for testing and that regularly have focus groups to register for your chance at participating in. This is not as consistent as far as providing monthly benefits or cash payments, but product testing on products you would normally buy anyway can save you money at the grocery or department store. Often product testing provides minimal compensation aside from the product itself, but sometimes it comes with a large payment for your time too.

Taking paid surveys is all about perspective and what compensation is suitable for you. You never have to take a survey if you don’t want to, so if you find yourself frustrated with the amount a survey company is offering for compensation, give yourself a break. Chances are others are feeling the same way – which means they have may not have enough survey participants in their pool who want to participate. When this happens, they tend to up the ante to get more survey panelists back in the game.

Source by C.D. Watson