While the primary goals of HHO gas conversion systems are to increase mileage and save money, there are several methods people have been using to make additional money from this new technology. We wanted to pass them on to you.

1. Build and sell HHO conversion kits through the classifieds, retail location or online through sites like eBay and craigslist.

If you search eBay or other online marketplaces, you’ll find people selling all kinds of gizmos and gadgets to increase gas mileage. The marketplace has not even been scratched yet. With word of HHO gas spreading, demand for physical devices exceeds supply. If you like to work with your hands, there is extra money waiting to be made.

2. Build and sell HHO gas conversion kits wholesale to other resellers and installers.

Same as above, only there is better ability to brand yourself and work in larger volumes with minimum order quantities. Watch out though, you may have to hire additional help with smaller profit margins.

3. Start an HHO gas conversion kit installation business.

This is the perfect add-on service to go with #1, above. It is also a good way to make extra money if someone nearby starts selling the devices before you do.

4. Start a delivery service.

Many businesses have either set minimum orders for deliveries or have stopped them altogether. If you’re getting 20%-50% better mileage, they can’t compete with you. You could even start a service that operates deliveries for several businesses at once. Doing multiple deliveries in the same trip cuts costs further and provides multiple income streams from your local area.

5. Start an errand service.

Same idea, except you are servicing individual customers rather than the businesses themselves. If you’re shrewd, you could combine this with #4 and “double dip” the jobs some of the time.

6. Start a recycling service.

Do a search online and you will find that you can make extra money from recycling newspaper, cardboard, computer equipment, cellphones, inkjet and laser cartridges, car batteries, etc. If you create routes and have drop offs located at area businesses, you can get large amounts by making one trip through an area each week. You could also do neighborhood routes or have school kids collect papers as a summer job for a small share of the earnings. These types of arrangements are easier to set up now since everyone wants to be eco-friendly.

7. Develop and sell business packages to service garages or parts stores.

If you have an entrepreneurial streak and don’t want to have to deal with building devices or doing manual labor, this may be your ticket. Develop a mailer explaining methods the business can use to make money with HHO gas technology (kind of like this). Then sell a package where they get the information, the business idea and the plans for building and installing the devices.

If you have graphic design skill, you could even develop signs and decals to go with the deal.

Opportunities are everywhere.

This is just a small sampling of ideas. Opportunities abound for the ambitious. HHO gas conversion kit builders and installers are popping up everywhere. The higher the gas prices, the greater the demand for the product or service.

Source by Mj West