If you are wondering if forex expert advisor trading really works then you may have seen many of the ads promoting expert advisors making some pretty wild claims about the returns they are getting. You may be asking yourself are these results for real or is this just a bunch of sales hype to get you to buy their products?

I was asking the same questions so I did some research and found the most highly rated forex expert advisor trading program I could find and put it to the test. With the way it was being advertised I was expecting to find some catch but since it didn’t cost much and had a 60 day guarantee I decided it was worth a try.

After I got it set up it started making trades that afternoon and did make some winning trades and came out ahead. The next week it produced about 80% winning trades. Since then I haven’t recalculated but it’s done even better in the past month and is probably closer to 90% winning trades now. It typically makes 2-5 trades every day and almost always makes a profit every day.

I see it advertising that it can double accounts every month and from what I have seen that could be possible but that would be trading larger lot sizes than I have it set to trade. Being a conservative trader I am keeping my lot size down to a level that I feel is safe but still high enough that I have been able to make a nice income.

Besides consistent profits one of the major advantages to forex expert advisor trading is I don’t have to monitor the markets and be there to make the trades. I can spend my time doing other things that I want to do.

One of the largest obstacles that most traders face is their own emotions and personal habits sabotaging their trading success. With forex expert advisor trading that factor is eliminated. Good trading habits are already programmed into expert advisors and they don’t have mental baggage to overcome like human traders do.

If you get a forex expert advisor that is based on a time proven system it will trade the system for you probably more reliably than any human can. If you are interested in making money on autopilot find a good expert advisor and try it out on a demo account.

Source by M Wilson