The mass communication degree is probably the only bachelor program that provides you with the maximum career freedom. You can choose to become anything, you can apply for any profile. Be it management or technical, legal or hospitality, a mass comm graduate can find a job anywhere. Probably this is the reason why the selection often becomes difficult as the variety of available options naturally leads to confusion. You will definitely want a profile with high-demands, good scopes and a decent salary. But you will also want a job that is fairly modern and currently rising towards its peak.

So, here is a list of the top 5 such modern jobs that are literally driving the market. The demand for skilled professionals is very high and their future is nothing but bright. With a mass communication degree from the top Polytechnic college from Delhi, you will be eligible to apply for all and also possess the skill-set to thrive there. Take notes, start planning and more importantly, build your mindset.

  1. Corporate communicator

This is a moderately high-paying profile where you will be responsible for releasing every official communication of a corporation. Be it a press release about a product launch or a statement issued to the public by a top executive, your job is to draft a publicly acceptable content sending out a clear professional message. Even in-house memos are often passed through a corporate communicator so that there are no loopholes dismantling the company policies. Naturally, the job demands excellent communication skills across all platforms combined with the understanding of the mass psychology, things you learn in your mass comm degree.

  1. Digital advertisement

Advertising is not a modern a job, but its digital counterpart is. The demand is overwhelming in the current landscape where almost every company, irrespective of their size, are investing substantially in digital advertising. A bit different from marketing, advertising is more about copywriting, playing with the audience’s emotions and coming up with strategies that will boost the company’s revenue. You need to be privy with all the available digital advertising platforms and avenues along with some background technical knowledge. You may choose to work for a firm or join a dedicated independent brand.

  1. Graphic designing

This profile has really exploded, in a good sense. Even freelance graphic designers earn a healthy income now which should give you a fair idea about the current potential. Most mass communication graduates do not even think of becoming graphic designers but the era when it was once unrelated as passed. Now, graphics do most of the talking with people, be it on marketing campaigns or the websites. And your knowledge of communicating with the masses can really gel well with graphic designing. You can add psychology to your designs which a technical designer can’t and you will be hired for your creative touch.

  1. Public relations

Once, this was a job for the retired journalists. But now, the profile seeks young talent. Public relations as a profile has also evolved with the changing market where social media, search engines, online media and much more have become the preferred platforms. Here, the mere ability to write a story is not enough. You must also be capable of amplifying the content, employ analytical tools to find the target audience and craft a campaign satisfying everyone’s needs. The best college in the polytechnic colleges in Delhi list teaches you these necessary skills during your mass comm course where you get the perfect blend of both technical and analytical knowledge.

  1. Production

The scopes here is as broad as the term itself. You can combine your videography and outreach skills to bag a job as a production executive. Experts believe that videos are going to rule the marketing sector next and the effect is already visible. As a professional here, you can be a part of a team that creates videos for advertising purposes or shoots documentaries for media houses. You may be shooting, editing, marketing or monitoring. It can be digital or over the television. Your core knowledge of mass communication is enough to pass you through the doors. From there on, it depends on your interest and fascination.

Polytechnic for Women College South Extension – 1, is an institute that features at the top in the list of rank wise polytechnic colleges in Delhi when it comes to mass communication. The degree here is combined with journalism and advertising which makes your stance even more solid for any of the above profiles. Skills will never be an issue. You will also have the knowledge. All you have to do is to find your calling among all the choices available.

Source by Alok Mishra