DIY home solar power has never been easier to create your own home than it is today. Nowadays, there are a number of guides on the market which detail how to put together your own fully functional solar cells a matter who you are to see you 90% were completely eliminate your power bill each month but doesn’t stop there here are five ways to make money from DIY home solar power. 

Power bills – the average American monthly power bill runs at approximately $200. This works out to be nearly $2500 a year spent on powering your home alone. Using DIY home solar power, you can eliminate this altogether, and who couldn’t use an extra $2500 in their yearly budget?

Tax breaks – the government and IRS have been issuing tax breaks/credits to those who embrace and generate their own DIY home solar power for years. This is because these people are helping to alleviate the greater energy concerns and are helping save the government money. Now with the Obama administration in place, we can expect further incentives for generating and using your own DIY home solar power today.

Home value – you may not realize this, but DIY home solar power can significantly add to the value of your home as well. By having solar cells which generate power for your home you are helping the new owners of your home to save money, as well, and this adds to the value of your home so remember this when it comes time to sell and ask your realtor about it.

Own business – having your own solar cells professionally built and installed cost you upwards of $3000. This figure is enough to scare most homeowners away from even considering generating their own DIY home solar power. Because of this a number of guides have been created as I mentioned which detail how anyone can create their own fully functional solar cells. Well that $3000 price tag is expensive it is also proof that many people are willing to spend this kind of money for this technology so many people have gone to use the information which they take from the guides build their own solar cells initially and they go on to build additional cells to sell or share with their friends or family.

Abundance of energy – finally, as I mentioned you can knock out your power bill by using DIY home solar cells. But you likely will not create the exact amount of energy which you use in a given month, and for every bit of electricity which you create the do not use you can sell back to the power company for a profit. The government reimburses power company to do this because it is ultimately cheaper for them to do so and many homeowners make a very cool second income from doing this alone. The best part about it is how much energy you create is entirely up to you as you can go on to build multiple solar cells and increase your energy output exponentially to build a massive stream of never ending no effort into.

Source by John Wickley