This is the strategy that I used to have 30+ Facebook profiles with business managers and ad accounts ready to launch ads, this is going to blow your mind!

If you have been running ads for a while you probably have had issues with Facebook disabling your accounts and profiles, even if you are new to the platform and want to launch your first ads it is most likely you will face these issues at some point.

Facebook has become stricter, it is not like the good old days where you could have 2 business managers with 50 ad accounts pretty quickly, Facebook is disabling accounts left and right even if you are following their policies to a t, they can potentially shut down your account overnight without warnings.

Your ad account could last for days or months but eventually it will get disabled, that is for sure, the real question is not “how?” but “when?”, the best thing you can do is to have backup accounts.

I have been screwed over by Facebook many times, they have disabled a shit ton of my BM´s, profiles including ad accounts.


You see, after I was hit by the Facebook hammer for the first time (they restricted my profile from advertising) I opened a new bm from my wife’s profile, after a few weeks it got restricted too, then I used my parents Facebook and guess what happened? Exactly!

Many Facebook profiles from friends and family got “Zucked”, I tried using proxies, using a software like team viewer to manage the account from a different computer, God! I even bought 2 more computers and changed credit card but Facebook always found me. I felt they were like the big brother, always watching me and knowing my next move.


After all of this happened I finally was able to see some patterns and I finally cracked the code, now I have more than 30 active profiles with business manager and ad accounts I found a way to run ads from home, from the same pc, from the same internet connection without issues.

And I’m sharing all of this good information with you here .

Facebook is not stupid

If they have restricted your profile and you log in to a different profile in the same pc they will know, if you create a new account they will know. Let me explain how they do it.

Facebook can track you by 2 ways, fingerprints and ip address. The fingerprints are the information Facebook collects to identify their users for example, your operating system like android, windows, IOS etc. They can also collect the information of the screen resolution of your phone or monitor, your phone brand, time zone, browser, browser history, among others.

So in order to not get caught we have to make them believe we are logging in from a different computer and a different ip address.

You can always buy a new computer and change your internet service provider but that is not very time, tech and money savvy.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

It’s called Multi fingerprints creator software.

There are a few online tools that allow you to run multiple browser profiles with unique settings that look like different devices to Facebook. They will think you are logging in from different devices.

In my experience the best tool and the one I’m currently using is called Multilogin. It’s a software you can install in your computer and it gives you the option to create different browser profiles with different fingerprints.

For example, you can create a browser profile with a screen resolution of 1360×768 pixels, Windows 7 as the operating system, time zone: central time, language: Spanish and then another one with a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, windows 10, time zone: EST, language: English within in the same software.

This software helps hide our fingerprints from Facebook which solves the first problem.

How to not get caught from our ip address?

There are 2 options that have worked for me successfully:

1 4g connection hot spot
2 Proxy

There are pros and cons for both of them which I will explain in detail.

4g hot spot


A lot of people are online on their phone not only through their Wi-Fi connection but also through the 4g connection from their mobile service provider. This kind of connection gives your phone or any kind of device a different ip address every time you turn it off and on.

Even if you log in to Facebook with a different ip address every time you turn off and on your phone it won’t trigger a flag but why? You may ask.

Because Facebook is able to recognize the connection is through 4g!! So you can turn on and off your phone as many times as you want, log in with a different ip address every time and Facebook is ok with that, a 4g connection is super safe.

You can use a Smartphone as a hot spot or buy an actual hot spot device, it is like a modem but you can insert your sim card on it and get a 4g connection wirelessly.

You’ll need a phone plan that includes unlimited data so you can run ads without worrying about how much data you are using.

How does it work?

As you are going to be connected to the 4g hot spot internet and logged in to Multilogin app, Facebook will think you are connected through a different computer and different ip address!! The 2 ways Facebook uses to track you are now hidden. Boom! You’ve become a different user to Facebook’s eyes!


One of the cons are that you will need to turn off and on the hot spot every time you want to login to a new profile, if you want to build a big list of backup accounts you could spend hours a day on just switching accounts.

In some countries, it is very difficult to get an unlimited data mobile plan so that could be another issue. You have to make sure that your plan changes ip address every time you reset it as some plans come with a fixed ip address, so better ask your provider.

2 Proxy


This is the option for the people who are looking to have several back up accounts, run a lot of ads on different accounts and want to scale super aggressively.

There are different kind of proxies but the only ones that are going to work for Facebook are the 4g proxies and residential proxies.

Forget about free proxies, data center or dedicated proxies, all of these are crap and will get caught by Facebook very easily.

You need 4g or residential proxies that is it! It is more expensive if you buy 1 by 1, the service I use is called Luminati, you pay a monthly plan and you get as many residential proxies as you want. You pay by the data you use not for amount of proxies you are using.

You can select a residential proxy from your own country and even your own city, from this proxy you can create as many other proxies as you want with different ip addresses, you can work on many profiles at the same time too.

This is also good for travelers as you can log in to the Facebook account from anywhere in the world and Facebook will think you are logging in from the same location. This reduces the risk of getting your account disabled.

So the best set up that has work really well for me and the one I’m currently using is Multilogin + Luminati.

Credit Cards

I recommend to use a credit/debit card issued in the same country as the ad account, this will lower the chances of getting banned, it is not mandatory but recommended.

Most of the accounts that I run have the cc from the same country but I also have a couple of other ones where I use a cc from a different country than the ad account, so if you don’t have any other option you can go for it.

There are many companies around the world that can provide you with several credit/debit cards for your business or personal use, for example in the States if you have good history with American Express you can request up to 99 cards.

I personally use one company in my country that can give my business as many debit cards as I want and I can put any name on the cards.


I recommend putting the same name on the card as the name of the Facebook profile.

This way it would be easier to get your account back if they disable it because of the payment method, it will reduce the risk but if you can’t do it no problem, it is not mandatory but it helps.

I recommend using one card per business manager, using the same card for all the accounts on the same business manager is fine, it won’t trigger a flag.

Farming, buying accounts and warming up

There are 2 ways to get more Facebook accounts: Farming and buying.


This was very easy to do 1 year ago but now it has become super difficult, I’m not saying is impossible but it will take a long time before you can run your first ads on a farmed account, so you need to think about this as it will take around 2 months of warming up before being able to create a business manager.

If you want to go this route I will break it down for you:

The best way to create a new Facebook account is by using a phone number instead of an email, it looks safer to Facebook, real users use Facebook mostly on their phones so you will have to get some prepaid sim cards.

In some countries there are really cheap sim cards and the number can remain active for months before you refill your prepaid sim.

Steps to Farming the right way


1 Connect to your computer to the 4g hot spot or open Luminati proxy manager.

Open Multilogin app and create new mobile profile with new fingerprints, if you use Luminati set up the profile with the proxy information, if you use a 4g hot spot leave the profile without proxy and save it. Now open the profile.

3 This is hard to believe but Facebook collects your information even before you create an account with them.

They are able to do it from their Facebook widgets which almost all the websites have, you know, the share buttons, like buttons etc. So before you go to Facebook, you need to navigate on some websites and click on those buttons to build up some cookies.

Facebook suspects from new users who don’t have cookies on their browser and the first page they have visited is Facebook, this definitely triggers a flag. So navigate and click some Facebook buttons in at least 10 different websites.

4 Create a spread sheet where you will add all your fake profiles information like name, phone number, email, password, birth day, location and job information.

5 Get a few pictures from an Instagram user from another country and add the Instagram link to the spread sheet so you don’t lose it.

6Edit the pictures: flip the image, crop the image, make it a little bit wider so the face looks different, and add some brightness, this should be enough.

7 Create the Facebook account, add the birth date, job information, the profile picture and cover. Let it sit for a day.

8 Next day log in to the account, add a few people, join Facebook groups, share content, give likes behave like a normal person, don’t go crazy, do this for the first 7 days, every day for 10 minutes will do the job.

9 After the 7th day you can create a new browser profile un Multilogin this time it will be a desktop profile, build up some cookies by browsing around some websites and access the Facebook profile you have been working on with mobile browser profile. Like, comment share on this desktop brwser profile for 3 days.

After this you can slow down a little bit and log in every once in a while to do stuff on the profile, but it will take a couple of months before you can create your business manager, I recommend you start running ads on the personal ad account first, before creating a business manager (I will go on detail with this later).

So this is how you farm an account the right way to be able to create a business manager and lower the chances of getting banned.

Buying accounts and warming up

This is the fastest way to run ads in a new business manager, this is how I got more than 30 active Facebook profiles and multiple business managers. I can work on all of them simultaneously in the same computer with the same internet connection.

Buy/Rent Facebook accounts


The easiest way to get a hold of Facebook accounts is to ask family and friends for their logging credentials, this is a good starting point but if you want to scale super aggressively and have more backups you will probably need more than family and friends accounts.

I wasted a ton of accounts from my family and friends because I didn’t know what I know now, Facebook screwed me over big time and I was very frustrated but that didn’t stopped me, after a lot of research and a lot of disabled accounts I could made this work and now I have access to different Facebook profiles from people I don’t even know and I will tell you exactly how I did it.

You need to hire an ambassador
. An ambassador is basically someone that will bring Facebook login credentials for a commission, you need to look for someone young with a lot of friends, someone that is currently going to school.

Most of students are broke and need extra cash, you need to find only 1 person that can do it, she is going to ask her friends and they will trust her, she needs to tell them that nothing will happen to their personal accounts and also young people don’t use Facebook as much as other platforms like Instagram nowadays, so most of the time they won’t care.


You need to be very straightforward and tell her exactly why you need Facebook accounts and how you are going to use them, something like: “I’m a digital marketer and I run Facebook ads, Facebook is getting stricter so I can’t create new Facebook accounts to run ads so I need real accounts, the ad platform is actually a whole different platform so I won’t even touch the personal profile but I need the login credentials to access the ad platform”

The amount you can offer per account will depend on where you live, for example I pay 15usd per account and the ambassador keeps 5usd from that, it is onetime payment but every once in a while I give them a little bit more. Besides their login credentials I also ask them for a picture of their id, I explain them why I need the id, for example: “as I will login in from a different computer Facebook could ask me for an identity confirmation so I need a picture of the id just in case” This can happen depending on how quick you start running ads but I will go in detail about this next.

Steps to warming up like a pro (real accounts).

Create and configure a new browser profile in Multilogin (we don’t need mobile profile for real accounts).

2 Before login in to the new profile, create a new proxy with Luminati and add it to Multilogin configuration.

3 Open the new Multilogin profile and navigate on a few website with the Facebook like and share buttons to build some cookies.

4 Finally open Facebook website and access the real account, like some posts here and there, we can’t do much here as it is not our account but we can give a few likes, close the profile and wait 1 day

5 The next day we will create a new fan page, don’t forget to deactivate all notifications, go to settings>notifications> deactivate, this way we won’t receive any notification from the fan page and the owner of the accounts will not even notice we are using her account.

6 The same day we are going to launch our first ad, it is going to be a page likes ad and we are going to do it from the personal ad account, go to the fan page dashboard and click on the promote button, chose promote fan page.

NOTE: Chances are you are going to get the first checkpoint, Facebook will log you out and the owner of the account has to re-enable her account with her phone and change the password so you need to let them know this in advance. Don’t worry when you pass these check points your accounts will be good and more trusted.

Chose an image for the page likes campaign, you can use the profile picture of the fan page and any ad copy you want, for example you can name your fan page “Cute Animals” and in the ad image, some puppies, the ad copy would be something like ”pictures of cute animals”.


Add a payment method, I use the custom debit/credit cards that we talked about in the credit cards section and I click promote within the fan page window, you can use a really low budget for this one, 2usd a day for example.

7 Let run the campaign until Facebook charges your card 3 times or the campaign has been running for at least 4 days.

8 After this you can create a new business manager and surprise surprise!! Facebook will only ask for the BM name and email address, you don’t need a website address nor a business address or phone number information to create a new business manager.

This is a little hack that works very well , as we have already spent money on Facebook ads through the personal ad account they trust us more. Verify your email and wait 1 day.

9 Create your first ad account and wait 1 more day.

10 Launch your first campaign, always start with page likes objective and let it run for 2 – 3 days. And after this you can start running your first conversion ads safely.

Facebook checkpoints

There are 2 checkpoints that you are probably going to go through, but if you follow my strategy correctly it is easy to by pass them and actually is good because the account will be seen more secure to Facebook eyes.

1 Identity confirmation: You are logging in from a different device and you actually want to run ads as soon as possible so this will raise a flag, the owner of the account needs to confirm with her phone that everything is fine or in very rare cases with her id, if it is with the phone, the account will be reestablished right away if it is with an id it could take a couple of hours. But they always give it back.

2 Credit card identity confirmation: You may raise a flag when you add the payment method but just make an appeal and you will get the account back in less than 24 hours. If the credit card is under the name of the account owner write down something like “This is actually my credit/debit card, I haven’t moved recently and I would like to use it on Facebook, can you help me out?” If the name on the card is not the same as the account owner, you can write something like “This is the card of my friend/uncle/cousin/aunt/ or any other relative, he hasn’t moved recently and he is helping me to run the ads for my page” It could take a little bit longer but you will get it back.

This is the exact strategy that I used to have 30+ active Facebook profiles ready to run ads, I can always have more if I need to by using this strategy.

I hope you liked the content in this post, it is literally months and months of trial and error with many business managers, accounts and profiles. I hope after reading and applying this this you can start building your backup accounts so Facebook never stops you from running ads again!