Marketing Automation technically refers to being able to feed in information, criteria and outcomes for repetitive online marketing activities such as high volume email marketing into web-­based software and letting it run communications for you once the background work is done.

While the term marketing automation initially came into play and use with reference to email marketing, it is now used for a broader range of automation and analytic tools for web-­based marketing and helps in the long run to streamline sales and marketing activities by replacing constant, repetitive processes with automated solutions. In that sense using the word automation actually sells the strategy short of what it actually does.

If you’re a savvy marketer, then the concept of marketing automation has moved beyond its status as an extra and is a must-­have portion of your back-­end investment when it comes to your digital marketing delivery. And as technology itself advances on a day to day basis, it is necessary to keep track of the new trends in marketing automation in order for you to have a focused strategy behind your planned, automated activities.

The point is, that if you are convinced of the benefits of online or digital marketing then it is up to you to realize that you also need to adopt to technologies that will help turn your business around.

Digital communications specialists, trend watchers and analysts have been keeping a close eye on the ever changing digital landscape and have been saying that for companies looking for marketing automation platforms integrated with CRM (customer relationship management) – it’s all about driving revenue for the brand based on how well the content is targeted.

Ideally you need to be able to map how you influence or interest you potential buyer right through all your mediums and buying journey. This will allow you to be able to deliver the right content, in a timely manner across the correct and most effective channels to a perfectly matched audience.

If you have not started yet, this is the right time as it’s all about being able to stay ahead of the curve with your digital marketing strategy – so invest in the right tools for each of your online mediums from email marketing to social media advertising to search engine optimization and you may just about be on your way to becoming a success in the online marketing game.

Source by Farhan Fawzer