Internet marketing is increasingly becoming a part of the overall marketing mix for any business. You should gather enough online marketing information before formulating an effective marketing strategy. Moreover, you should also monitor and analyze the results of your strategies for ensuring business success.

Widely Used Online Marketing Tools

With the help of valuable online marketing tools, you can ensure your website receives high ranking in search engine results and receive much needed traffic to drive sales.

Search Engine Marketing: It involves small business internet marketing through search engines by turning the website into a search engine optimized one, initiating PPC campaigns, and paying for PFI (pay-for-inclusion) listings in website directories.

Banner Advertising: It involves placement of ads on a website and is similar to ads in newspapers or magazines.

Email Marketing: It involves sending messages to the target market in the form of email. Internet marketing information such as promotion of products and services, acquiring customer feedback, updates on new offers etc. can be promoted through email marketing.

Blog Marketing: Blogs are like discussion forums that invite people to comment, express their opinions and participate in discussions. Blogs are great online marketing tools that can be used attract search engine spiders, and generate traffic towards the business website.

Article Marketing: It involves posting relevant articles to article directories having links to your website. With article marketing, you can build more traffic towards your website and promote your products and services to a wider target base.

Social Media: When you start gathering internet marketing information, you realize that the social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube can be used for small business internet marketing. They can be used for strengthening a brand, and interacting with customers and prospects without spending too much money.

Affiliate Marketing: The online business owner provides affiliates with commissions for each visitor brought to their site by the affiliates’ marketing efforts.

Internet marketing is a cost effective way of promoting an online business. There are many inexpensive ways to promote your online business, even for free. Explore your options. Review some of the online marketing tools that I have mentioned above. Internet marketing is the way to go and is a much more flexible tool than print or even broadcast media. Without an effective marketing plan, it will be a challenge for your internet business to succeed. Good luck with your online business ventures.

Source by Pamela Fowler