The best way to catch a cold is to be around people that have a cold. The way you think can easily be influenced by people you associate yourself with. If you want to upgrade your thought process: give your mind full explosion to people whom you want to emulate their level of consciousness.

Cocoon your mind, your thoughts as if they were very fragile, very precious and keep them away from bad influences and negative people. Guard your new ideas like Fort Knox. Ideas, in their infancy, are very vulnerable. Until completely matured in your mind, share your ideas only with like-minded people or a mentor that will do nothing but enforce and validate your initiatives and be of encouragement to you to take appropriate actions toward their completion. Treat your ideas and dreams as if they were the children of your soul because, in truth, they are. Protect them. Bring them into maturity before you expose them to the world which could be very destructive due to the fact that most of us operate out of a spirit of fear on a regular basis.

Be very selective about whom you listen to when it comes to building and maintaining a world class thought process. Selfishness is a virtue or should be in the crest of fulfilling your destiny, in your quest to be all you can be, in your quest to stay totally focus on going after your dreams for yourself and your family. People of great influence, a spouse, a family member, a friend, can easily convince you that going after what you want is too much of a hardship to bear, that many people have tried before you and failed. You just need to read between the lines, so to speak, and understand that they are just frightened people that don’t want their lack of engagement and laziness to be exposed when you succeed. Stimulate your intellect through reading as many biographies, personal improvement books as you can. Make it a personal goal to build, to continually improve your ever growing library and invest in your ever ending self-education.

There is no stagnation in nature: you’re either growing or dying. Choose to grow your awareness. Seek the help of people that can bring positive and effective changes that will be beneficial to your life. Like Jim Rhon said: “Change your friends or change them”. Change them by exposing them to new ideas or things, if not, change them by letting other people of greater influences in your life, people that bring quality to your life, people that choose to grow with you toward life’s greater purpose. There is so much to learn. We have so much potential that most of the time, we sell ourselves short. When we immerse ourselves in the vast ocean of self-discovery, we open up to new existing horizons that we’ll never know existed had we stayed stagnant at the level in which we are currently thinking thus living. Therefore the saying: “We all live at the level at which we think”.

Be cognitive of potentially harmful (or beneficial) influence others have on our habitual way of thinking. Consciousness is contagious. Family and friends can be well intended but be careful on how much time you spend with those who are negative regardless of who they are. Protect your ideas and dreams. Be aware of dream stealers, they come in different shapes and forms. Build, strengthen, and protect your level of consciousness at all cost. Do not underestimate the power of influence. Use it to your advantage. Make friends and follow the advice of people that are in life where you want to be.

Source by Ben Philias