Email marketing, ads or newsletters are vital to any business. Staying in touch with customers or prospects is so very important. I’ve always heard that most customers do not purchase until they have seen your ad or email seven times. A great program for this is called GroupMail by Infacta. Originally this software was called Aureate GroupMail and I was told that it was produced as a project by a university. Not sure if that is true; I’d be interested to find out.

A few years after I started using Aureate GroupMail for email marketing to my lists, my computer was stolen and had to be replaced. When I went to the old site to get the program, it was no longer there and I found that a company called Infacta had taken it over. It turned out to be the same so I was really happy, although the free version was limited and you had to pay to upgrade for all the features.

The great thing about Group-Mail is it’s versatility. You can set up thousands of lists, thousands of list members, and store all of your email or newsletters for email marketing. It will merge the names of your list members into each email to personalize each letter that goes out. There are lots of bells and whistles. Having your own mailing software on your computer is much more cost effective than paying month after month for an auto-responder system. Do note that Group-Mail does not act the same as an auto-responder. You can’t set it up to send a series of letters at interval days.

I wrote a set up guide for my members quite a few years ago. They would hear me talk about it on a call and ask for help setting it up. Having to explain that over and over again made this guide a necessity.

Here is the set up instructions that I wrote for my group some years ago.

Hi Everyone, Building a list of subscribers is important for your business. GroupMail will do most of the work for you. You are going to love this program! After you use a few times, you will see how fast you can upload a large group of subscribers, paste in or open your email and click “go”. It should only take you a couple minutes per day to set up your group, import your subscribers, and start the mailer. It’s that simple. “Set it and forget it” as Ron Popeil would say. Most importantly, your list of subscribers must have opted in to receive your newsletters. Do not Spam, it is not worth it.

While the GroupMail program is running, you can click over to your browser and surf the net or work in your other email program. GroupMail will sit in the background and pump out your ads, newsletters. Its GREAT!

Instructions to download and use GroupMail for email marketing and newsletters:

The free version only lets you send 100 email at one time. Then you’ll to start it over at 101-200, then 201-300, etc. You can upgrade send continuously. Make sure you check with your ISP to see how many email you can send out in an hour or a day. Some will shut you down for too many email going out.

Note: Make sure that you check your email or newsletters for words that would trigger the Spam filters of the ISP companies or they will send your email into the bulk folder or delete it completely.

Setting up GroupMail:

You need to set up your email sending settings, so look up at the top portion of the GroupMail program and you’ll see command icons, “File, Edit, Merge, Insert, Tools, Plug-ins, Setup and Help. Click on Setup. Then click on the top choice, “Email Server Setup”. Type in the name of your outgoing email server for your ISP. You might need to call them to find out the it’s name. It’s probably something like or Under the email server name is a “timeout” slider bar. Slide this bar over to the right. It should then say “10 minutes”. Click apply. You’re done with the email server setup.

Now you need to set up your identification settings. Again, Click on “Setup” at the top of the GroupMail window and then go down to the third choice that says “Identification Setting” or something to that effect. Type in your name as you want it to appear to the people receiving your email. Type in your email address, [Note: You will probably want to use a different email account for replies], click “okay”.

Set up your groups:

On your GroupMail program there is an advertising banner. Under this banner are three tabs named “Edit Email”, “Group Manager” and “Sent Messages”. Click on “Group Manager”. This is where you will set up all of your groups, down-lines, prospects, lists, etc.

First copy a list of email addresses only your clipboard. You must name the group so, Click on “New”. Type in a name and click okay. Now import the list of email addresses, so click on the name of the group and it will turn dark blue. Click on “import” to the right. This tells the computer that you want to import addresses into this particular group. A window pops up, click on “Import from file or clipboard”. Next window, click on “Import recipient data from Windows clipboard” and click “next”. Click on the second radio button down that says “All other File/Data formats”, click next. Next window: don’t worry about filters for now, just click “next”. The next window will show the name of the group that you want to import your addresses into. If this name is correct, click “next”. Click “Start. The program will now run all the addresses into your group. You can also import spreadsheets with info for merging lots of data fields.

Set up/enter email:

Go back to the three tabs under the advertising banner and click on Edit Message. Here you will enter you email or news with your subject line in the first field and the email in the larger bottom field. You will probably want to “save” your email so you don’t have to copy and paste it in every time. Go up to and click “File” at the top of the program window. Then click on “Save As”, name it and click “save”. Then every time you want to use that ad, all you have to do is check your disclaimer for the correct name and date. Just click on “File” and then “Open” and pick the ad for the mailing you want to do. You can even send HTML messages. Note: Be sure to use a disclaimer and tell the recipient where and how you got their email address. You also must include a way for them to unsubscribe and your contact information.

Sending your email ads, newsletters:

At the bottom of the program window you’ll see a button that says “Prepare to Send”. Click on it and make sure the top radio button is clicked that says, “Personal Send Mode”. You never want to send out in “Bulk Mode”. Check to make sure the proper group is listed in the top field and then click send.

If the program stops in the middle of a send, be sure to make a note of the number that the program stopped on. Click on “Prepare to Send”, click on the tab at the top of this small box that says “Partial Sending”, and click in the square box that says “Do a Partial Send”. Type in the next number after the one it stopped on and Click “Send”.

Sent Messages:

The tab for sent messages will tell you how many email were successfully sent and allow you to resend the ones that were not.

Hope this helps.

Source by Joan Kearns